"Amer Bière... avec ou sans?"

"Amer Bière... avec ou sans?"

"Amer Bière... avec ou sans?"
And you thought beer
couldn't get any better!

Wait, hold up! You want to do what? Yes, that's right, try this, I guarantee you will be glad you did. 

Take a pint glass, pour in about 1.5 – 2 oz. of any amer from Wolfberger.  Then add 12 oz. of your favorite lager or hefeweizen. Pour order is important when preparing a proper amer bière. Amer first! By pouring the beer into the waiting amer, it allows the effervescence of the beer to mingle with and open the amer and you will get a wonderful aromatic, frothy head to imbibe through. Drink while there is an ample head! Lagers will show the flavor of the amers best, but part of the fun is finding the beer combination that matches your personal taste.

In Alsace, when you step up to the bar and order an amer bière, you will be asked "Avec ou sans?", with or without...lemon. The citrus adds yet another layer of flavor to this already amazing combination. Below is a list of just a few beers we like to combine with Wolfberger Wolfamer, Amer Gingembre, and Amer Fleur de Joie

If you find a combination you love, take a pic and hashtag on Instagram #AmerInAmerica and/or #FocusOnBliss. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @BlissImports. There may be a t-shirt in it for you! Yes, we are shameless!

Some beers to try with our amers:

Franziskaner Weissbier 
-Premium Hef -Spaten-Bräu, Munich, Germany

Stiegl Lager 
-(aka Stiegl Goldbräu) -Stiegl Brewing, Salzburg, Austria

Sofie Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale 
-Goose Island Beer Co., Chicago, Il

Charming Wit
-Urban South Brewery -New Orleans, Louisiana

Abita Amber 
Abita Brewing Co., Louisiana

Brooklyn Lager 
-Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY

Stella Artois