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What's an amer? 
Amaro = bitter
Amer = bitter

Italian amaro, bitters liqueur, has been growing in popularity for years, alongside the cocktail renaissance. Less well known, but equally delicious, are the French counterpart, amers. Amer (pronounced like  the “Amer” in “America”) translates to “bitter” in French.  Our amers are produced in Alsace, France, by the award-winning Wolfberger distillery and Bliss Imports is excited to be part of the bitters explosion.

For those who are new to the bitters world, we are not talking about the small bottles bitters, the essential few drops or dashes that literally define what makes up a true cocktail. For a deeper dive into the world of bitters, I highly recommend Brad Thomas Parsons' book titled  Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, with Cocktails, Recipe, and Formulas. Since we are talking about Brad, you can also learn more about amari (and amer for that matter), in his book, AMARO.

From their inception, bitters have their roots (no pun intended) in medicinal remedies. During Prohibition these elixirs played a role in keeping our citizenry happy. Many of the medicinal components, gentian root, being one example, were characteristically bitter, hence the name.